“ In this age of rapid growth in Frederick County, I pass by each new Daycare Center that has sprung up and thank my lucky stars that in the 1980s when my daughters were very young and I wanted exceptional preschool, and then,daycare, and before and after school daycare, and summer camp, that I found the most amazing and wonderful situation any parent and child could hope for…. Crestwood Oakes. Here, I found a highly stable, educated, and nurturing staff who see children as a whole entity to be be encouraged delightfully, constantly educated and guided in thoughtful and kind human interaction. It is truly a safe haven for children that is rarely available in this day and age. My children stayed at Crestwood from ages 3 through their teenage years and learned life skills that have been so valuable for them. My children truly loved and respected the Oakes family and the Crestwood staff and still do. And when my granddaughter was ready for preschool and a summer camping experience I took her straight to Crestwood Oakes and she also flourished in their care. The staff of Crestwood sees every child as a precious being to be nurtured, educated and safely cared for. Manners and kindness for others is part of the daily routine at Crestwood Oakes…and that is rare in today’s rapid growth and high staff turnover at many of the new centers. Further, my children and granddaughter all learned to be excellent swimmers at Crestwood as well as learning the life skills of Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, and Water safety. Crestwood Oakes has a 47 year exemplary history and that in itself is remarkable. Oh, how incredibly grateful for Crestwood Oakes is our family! The experiences and care at Crestwood Oakes are priceless!”

Maureen Wellman