2/3’s – Early Pre-school

Our teachers spend 1:1 time with each child, learning their interests. Embracing their energy and channeling it into active sensory-based meaningful experiences.

All of our activities are designed to focus on the child’s individual needs.

At this wonderful age we will guide your child through daily routines and offer activities to develop emerging mental and physical coordination skills.

Our lesson plans are customized to the unique strengths and needs of the children. Building concentration, focus, basic language and math concepts through imitation, repetition and purposeful activities.

We will be focusing on the physical/ health, social & emotional, language, communication, and cognitive development during our comprehensive program.

4’s – Pre-school

Curiosity Stage

We encourage natural curiosity and willingness to try new things,,,from learning games to playing pretend to participating in hands-on activities. Your child may explore anything….artist to engineer.

All of our activities are designed to develop literacy, mathematical thinking, problem-solving and creativity.

One of our main focuses is on vocabulary development, the “spoken language”, phonological and phonemic awareness (hearing, identifying, and manipulating single sounds in spoken words).
Our teachers work closely to assure mastery of developmental tasks.

  • Pre-math skills
  • Physical coordination skills
  • Social skills
  • Small muscle activities
  • Pre-reading skills

4 – 5’s – Pre- Kindergarten

At Crestwood our goal is to nurture and develop the whole child. Letting the child thrive through their lively imaginations and creative expressions…. from art daily to Lego designs to playing in our castle sand-box to dancing & singing to music. We want to engage your child so they express themselves and build self-confidence.

We teach the Phonovisual Method which is a phonics-based approach to reading, writing and spelling. Children are introduced to beginning consonant sounds, using different learning activities to associate the groups of phonemic sounds/symbols. This is a phenomenal way to provide security and confidence in your child. Developing strong word attack skills and acquiring vocabulary is our goal.

Our writing instruction begins with basic skills in handwriting letters and words.
Math skills start at counting by rote and progress from basic number recognition and simple counting to writing numbers and addition.

At his wonderful age, children have an innate curiosity and sense of wonder! We are able to use the wonderful environment we have to incorporate the use of our pond, with frogs, tadpoles and fish to our wooded areas to observe the trees and wildlife, It is great to be able to integrate a hands-on approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) at a basic level.